05 Apr 202313:35
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Crypto Events Recap, April 4-5

Crypto Events Recap, April 4-5

MicroStrategyAcquired an additional 1,045 BTC for ~ $29.3M at an average price of $28,016. (source)

CeloPartnered with Google Cloud to bolster projects building on the network. (source)

PolkadotFiled a trademark registration for Polkadot Converse for a blockchain-based messaging application. (source)

Wombat ExchangeLaunched its exchange on Arbitrum and unveiled the exclusive 3M WOM rush program. (source)

ManifoldBuilding its liquid staking platform and acquired Cream Finance’s validator set. (source)

AnkrPartnered with ZetaChain, a decentralized L1 blockchain, to add RPC service. (source)

BinanceLaunches the FC Shakhtar Fanverse through a partnership with the football club. (source)

Wombex FinanceDeployed the LP Pools on Arbitrum and launched 300,000 WMX Bootstrap Events. (source)

EulerHacker has returned the outstanding $31M, marking a successful end to recovery efforts. (source)

BullieverseLaunched COBI Bull NFT Staking program. (source)

PolyhedraRaised $15M in a pre-Series A funding round led by Polychain Capital. (source)

InjectiveIntegrated synthetic assets through the partnership with Pyth Network. (source)