01 May 202313:21
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Crypto Events Recap, April 29 - May 1

Crypto Events Recap, April 29 - May 1

Justin SunTransferred $56.4M TUSD to Binance after which CZ warned whales over misuse of SUI airdrop. (source)

OpenAIClosed a $300M share sale at a $27B-29B valuation. (source)

CoinMarketCapLaunches a TV competition show "Killer Whales" in partnership with Hello Labs. (source)

MastercardJoined hands with Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Aptos on new crypto standards. (source)

J.P. MorganTo acquire First Republic’s assets as US regulators intervene. (source)

PayPalExtended crypto transfers to more than 60 million Venmo customers. (source)

CertiKReleased an April roundup of crypto exploits, scams, and hacks totaling $103.7 million. (source)

SECFines crypto exchange Coinme for $4M for allegedly offering unregistered securities. (source)

SuiUnveiled the official launch of its Mainnet on May 3rd, 12:00 PM UTC. (source)

Lightning NetworkReleased Lightning Network Management Tool Litd for regular users. (source)