28 Apr 202312:34
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Crypto Events Recap, April 27-28

Crypto Events Recap, April 27-28

CircleLaunched a cross-chain USDC transfer protocol for Ethereum and Avalanche. (source)

Lens ProtocolLaunched a beta version of its social media scaling solution called Bonsai. (source)

PolygonGoogle Cloud will be a strategic cloud provider for Polygon protocols. (source)

SPACE IDPartnered with Sei to create a ".sei" domain name in the Sei Network ecosystem. (source)

CronosPartners with AWS to boost Web3 startup growth via the accelerator program. (source)

CatalystRaised $4.2M in a Seed funding round led by Spartan Group. (source)

FilecoinLaunched Filecoin Web Services to build an alternative to Google Cloud, AWS, and others. (source)

InjectiveAnnounced the integration of Astar Network to expand IBC interoperability. (source)

Omni NetworkRaised $18M in a funding round backed by Pantera Capital and Jump Crypto. (source)

LayerZeroIntegrated with zkSync Era Mainnet. (source)

BinancePlans to begin operations in the Japanese market after June 2023. (source)

Sui NetworkSUI token will be listed on CoinList on the first day of its launch. (source)