26 Apr 202312:45
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Crypto Events Recap, April 25-26

Crypto Events Recap, April 25-26

Daniel ShinTerra co-founder and nine others were formally charged by South Korea. (source)

IDEXLaunched IDEX V4. The world's first Layer3 exchange. (source)

Binance USTerminated a $1 billion deal to acquire bankrupt Voyager Digital's assets. (source)

SolanaLaunched a $1M fund for small-scale grants exploring the AI integration. (source)

ClearpoolLaunched a new borrower pool by Alphanonce. (source)

Fore ProtocolFORE token Private Sale is live until May 2nd. (source)

Google CloudTo offer an initiative to accelerate Web3 startups development. (source)

ThetanutsRaised $17M in a funding round led by Polychain, Hyperchain and Magnus Capital. (source)

FTXSells derivatives exchange LedgerX for $50M to Miami International Holdings affiliate. (source)

LayerZeroIntegrated with Polygon zkEVM Mainnet. (source)

MetamaskIntegrated one of the leading DEX aggregators, OpenOcean. (source)

TinyTapRaised $8.5M at a $100M valuation from Sequoia China, Polygon, and others. (source)