24 Apr 202314:27
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Crypto Events Recap, April 22-24

Crypto Events Recap, April 22-24

ZimbabweAnnounced plans to create a new digital currency backed by gold. (source)

Near FoundationMade a strategic investment in Cosmose AI at a $500M valuation. (source)

GeminiPlans to open a crypto derivatives platform outside the United States. (source)

MakerDAOApproved transfer of $500M USDC to Coinbase Custody for a 2.6% yield. (source)

Trust WalletFixed vulnerability after $170,000 in user losses and plans reimbursements. (source)

Iron FishAnnounced initial listing on KuCoin and started Airdrop distribution. (source)

TetherMinted another one billion dollar-pegged tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. (source)

KuСoinKucoin’s Twitter handle was compromised for 45 minutes — resulting 22,638 USDT loss. (source)

FilDAMulti-chain lending protocol suffered a $700K exploit on Elastos and REI Network. (source)

CardanoWrapped bitcoin token cBTC went live on the Cardano testnet. (source)