03 Apr 202415:20
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Crypto Events Recap, April 2-3

Crypto Events Recap, April 2-3


W token has been listed on Binance and other exchanges along with airdrop distribution.


Launched CYBER token Staking with up to 180% APR and airdrops from ecosystem partners.


Received $500M in restaked ETH from liquid restaking platform Swell Network.


Released whitepaper for COTI V2, fastest and lightest confidentiality Layer 2 on Ethereum.


Unveiled plans to invest $30M in the next 45 days via the a16z Speedrun program.


Introduced the Memenet, which will use the MEME as its native gas token.

Nakamoto Games

Released Dawn of the Damned, a vampire survivor action-packed Play to Earn game.

Nibiru Chain

Teamed up with Truflation to integrate real-time economic data feeds and indexes.

KIP Protocol

Partnered with KPR to co-develop in the fields of metaverse, AI, and intellectual property.


Introduced Blobstream, a data availability solution for the Arbitrum ecosystem.


QORPO token has been listed on Gate.io exchange under QORPO/USDT trading pair.


Night of the Living Dead has introduced a sneak peek of its in-game saber strike sniper NFTs.