14 Apr 202312:58
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Crypto Events Recap, April 13-14

Crypto Events Recap, April 13-14

EthereumLaunched first major upgrade since The Merge – Shapella. Shapella was intended to unlock $30 billion worth of ETH staked by investors. However, around $1.4 billion is currently stuck in a withdrawal queue.

EOS Network FoundationLaunched the beta version of its Ethereum Virtual Machine emulation. (source)

Yearn FinanceSuffered a flash loan attack, that led to a theft of $11.6M worth of stablecoins. (source)

CanonAnnounced plans to launch an NFT marketplace for photos. (source)

RippleLaunched a liquidity hub for businesses to bridge the crypto liquidity gap. (source)

FTXRecovered $7.3B in assets and will consider rebooting the exchange in Q2 2024. (source)

MastercardLaunched an NFT-Gated Music Artist Accelerator for supporting musicians. (source)

SeiRaised an additional $50M from Bitget & Foresight for its ecosystem fund. (source)

CardanoLaunched its first native light wallet platform – Lace. (source)