13 Mar 202316:35
Crypto Events Recap, March 11-13

Crypto Events Recap, March 11-13

Liquidity GroupPlans $3 Billion Emergency Loans to Aid Start-Ups Hit by SVB. (source)

VanEckUS SEC rejects VanEck spot bitcoin ETF application for the third time. (source)

BinanceWill convert $ 1 Billion worth of BUSD to BTC, ETH, and BNB to market support. (source)

CircleUSDC bounces back toward $1 Peg after Fed announcement. (source)

South KoreaLaunches ‘Metaverse Fund’ to expedite domestic initiatives. (source)

EulerIt has been hacked for about $197 Million of assets. (source)

Silicon Valley BankShut down by California Regulator. UK customers and employees would be transferred to HSBC as part of the deal. (source)

NissanFiles 4 new Web3 trademarks, trials sales in the metaverse. (source)

OpenSeaPatches vulnerability that potentially exposes users’ identities. (source)

CoinbaseHas disabled trading for Binance USD (BUSD). (source)