26 Jun 202313:45
Crypto Events Recap, June 24-26

Crypto Events Recap, June 24-26

NEAR Protocol
Partnered with Alibaba Cloud to accelerate Web3 growth in Asia. NEAR will have access to Alibaba Cloud's developer ecosystem across Asia and the Middle East.

The largest bank in Hong Kong is now allowing its customers to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs listed on the Hong Kong exchange.

Announced CLV Wallet integration with GateKeeper for PolygonID Verifiable Credential Management.

WOO Network
Launched beta version of perpetual futures powered by Orderly Network, enabling anyone to trade perps with the feel of a CEX and self-custody of a DEX.

ChatGPT plugin went live for Hedera network, enabling users to view account balances through a network explorer.

The Dubai-headquartered firm received a license for crypto exchange and custody services in Cyprus.

Launched new Staking System. The first weekly epoch of the new staking system has begun. The staking program will award 20% APR.

Released a new batch of Cloud Mining products for BTC mining. Users may now complete subscriptions and start accumulating mining rewards.

Do Kwon
Swiss prosecutors have reportedly frozen $26 million in cryptocurrencies and US dollars tied to Terraform Labs’ co-founder – Do Kwon.