17 Apr 202315:52
Crypto Events Recap, April 15-17

Crypto Events Recap, April 15-17

EthereumThe amount of staked ether waiting to be withdrawn has surpassed $3.1 Billion in total value. (source)

ArbitrumProposal aiming to return 700M ARB gov. tokens failed by an overwhelming majority. (source)

BinanceIn partnership with the Brazilian Football Federation launches a free NFT campaign. (source)

SuiSui has announced Retrospective Awards and Token Sales on Multiple exchanges. (source)

UK Department for Science, Innovation & TechnologyUK’s New Technology Department to Tackle Country’s Metaverse, Web3 Strategy. (source)

Mysten LabsPaid $96M to repurchase FTX’s equity stake and right to purchase Sui tokens. (source)

UniswapUniswap DAO approves the proposal to deploy v3 on Polygon zkEVM. (source)

Hundred FinanceLost around $7M after being hacked on the Optimism blockchain. (source)

US CongressUS Congress to introduce new draft bill for stablecoins. (source)