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TosDis AMA Recap​

TosDis AMA Recap​

Cryptodiffer TeamCryptodiffer Team

Hello, everyone!
We are glad to meet here
Mamoon Yousaf - CEO and TosDis Foundation member @mamoonYousaf
Madeleine Nilsson - CMO and TosDis Foundation Member @madeleine_n
Ryan Doeschate - Tech Lead @Ryandoes

Madeleine NilssonMadeleine Nilsson

Hi @oliubashevskyi Thanks for inviting us here today.

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

Hello Everyone! @ CryptoDiffer Thank you for having us here today!

Cryptodiffer TeamCryptodiffer Team

It is a pleasure for us
Let`s start with the introduction questions!
Q1: Can you introduce yourself to our community?
@mamoonYousaf @Ryandoes @madeleine_n

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

Sure let's start to introduce our self first.
A little intro about myself, I am Mamoon Yousaf, CEO and Founding member of TosDis Finance. With years of global experience in business in a wide range of industries, I have successfully grown start-up companies and added value to existing companies. I would say Decentralized finance is the future, and I have been a silent investor of many successful crypto projects since 2015. Crypto is an emerging market where I see much potential from a business point of view, and TosDis is my part to play in the world of Defi.

Madeleine NilssonMadeleine Nilsson

Sure, I am Marketing lead at Tosdis as well as Tosdis foundation member. I have been in the crypto space for last 3 years whereas in the marketing field for the past 5 years. I run my own marketing agency.

I am an experienced digital marketing expert, hardworking, self-motivated individual, and well versed in providing assistance, support, coordination, and executing global digital marketing campaigns. A dedicated, loyal, and dependable person with a vibrant, upbeat personality and possess excellent communication skills.

I am the founder of the 313 Agency, which is a marketing agency. I have been running it for the past 2 and a half years. I have worked both with Crypto and non crypto projects. All of my other projects have been in stealth mode where me and my team have provided assistance with regard to Marketing, management, Influencers etc. This is my FIRST full time public project.

Ryan DoeschateRyan Doeschate

Hi everyone, My name is Ryan. I am a software engineer since early 2000s and entered blockchain space in 2014 to be precise. I have been managing remote teams around the globe and have built numerous DeFi projects in the past few years. Personally, I love to work on JS Stack, but i play with python as well. Blockchain is a pretty excited thing to work on and solidity is my favourite language for this. I am a team player and known for completing milestones in time.

Cryptodiffer TeamCryptodiffer Team

Thank you for answers!
Q2: Can you briefly tell us what is TosDis in 3-5 sentences?
@mamoonYousaf @Ryandoes @madeleine_n

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

TosDis is what its name is, "The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution''. We Align with this Image and aim to provide a range of products under one roof. These include Staking-as-aService, Liquid Staking, Yield farming-as-a-Service, Peer to peer lending and borrowing platform, and an advanced DEX.

TosDis aims to provide Staking and savings solutions to allow users to stake different ERC-20 tokens and later expand to include tokens from other blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC, etc., providing cross-chain tokens staking on our decentralized platform. TosDis will make it possible for any PoW and PoS project to create a staking pool of their tokens for their communities to provide staking as a service in a decentralized way. These solutions come under our protocol Easystake. Easystake will be a decentralized protocol for issuing Staking and savings solutions as services that are based on smart contracts.

Cryptodiffer TeamCryptodiffer Team

awesome 👍👍👍
Q3: Let`s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans
@mamoonYousaf @Ryandoes

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

We recently completed the development of our contracts for Staking as a service and Yield farming as a service.

This allows us to offer staking, yield farming and liquidity mining all at the same time from one platform to all the projects out there. It has been audited in 3 stages by Hacken.io and the audit report is publicly available on our website.

Upcoming milestones are Liquid staking of POS coins which will make your staked tokens/coins liquid by using the power of Liquid staking on Tosdis's Easystake platform. The development for that is on track and we are expecting to launch it Mid Q1 2021.

Madeleine NilssonMadeleine Nilsson

Let me add to this

I would like to give a short summary of our Ready to launch product: Easystake (Staking-as-a-service for all)

Don't want to compare it with the any of the current projects in the market. But TosDis is completely different or i would say incomparable. Tosdis is accessible to all. We don't control which project can use our service and offer staking to its holders. Its cheap, open and permissionless. Much like Uniswap, anyone can list tokens. Tosdis is same for staking, be it hard staking, Liquidity farming, or Yield farming. Anyone is able to deploy staking for their project in a permissionless way.

Projects owners directly interact with the contract and deploy the service as their own.

TosDis removes the barriers of development, time and high development costs.

Cryptodiffer TeamCryptodiffer Team

Thank you for such detailed and interesting answers!
It is time to move to the community questions part.

Cryptodiffer CommunityCryptodiffer Community

Reviewing an ama_article about Tosdis, I read a phrase that caught my attention, which said that with your project “It’s like having a savings account where you can use your funds without fear of losing interest”. Exactly what strategies or tools does Tosdis use to offer this? What role does EasyStake play in that?

Madeleine NilssonMadeleine Nilsson

TosDis is what they call the Uniswap of staking services and we strongly believe in that. Open and accessible to everyone. A truly decentralized staking-as-a-service structure for permission less listings. Tosdis is accessible to all. We don't control which project can use our service and offer staking to its holders. Its cheap, open and permissionless.

Projects owners directly interact with the contract and deploy the service as their own. TosDis removes the barriers of development, time and high development costs.

This makes TosDis both permisisonless and trustless. Users save and stake their assets on the blockchain i.e. in smart contracts and rewards for saving/staking the assets are already stored on the blockchain. Thus, removing the risk of fraud and loss of any % interest on your saving.

Cryptodiffer CommunityCryptodiffer Community

Tosdis are allowing any Erc-20 tokens to be staked with your platform. So can you tell us what token specifically is allow? Or in reality, what tokens are commonly or currently being staked with your platform? Can you explain more about those tokens allow? Thank you

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

Any ERC20 token. Just like how you do on uniswap. You go there and list tokens in a permissionless way. IN the same way, projects will be able to to come to TosDis easystake and deploy staking contracts. We (TosDis) do not control who uses are service. It is permissionless and accessible to all. On top of all, it is truly decentralized.

Cryptodiffer CommunityCryptodiffer Community

What is the release schedule for DIS tokens? Are there any plans to increase the value of tokens for holders, such as Staking, Buyback, Burning?

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

Here is the Token Economics of DIS token.
These deflationary token utility points explains everything that you are asking.

DIS token supply is set at 100,000. DIS will be burned until 50% of the supply remains. Detailed token metrics can be viewed at Tosdis.finance.

As for the use case of DIS token, We have created a token utility model that is deflationary and extremely rewarding for end-users. Below you can read the listed token utility, but there is a lot more to come in TosDis finance, and there will be a much higher usage of DIS token inside and outside of the platform in the coming future.

Utility benefits for Holders:

• 45% or less (depending on governance) of all Platform fees paid by listed projects is distributed to DIS Holders.

• Yield Farming benefits for DIS holders.

• Monthly Airdrops of other projects token for DIS holders.

• Staking rewards for DIS holders

• Liquidity mining for Tosdis liquidity pools and rewards paid out in Tosdis tokens.

Tosdis Token Deflationary Utility:

• 45% or more of All Staking fees paid by projects goes into burning DIS tokens.

• 45% or more of all fees/commission earned from liquid staking goes into burning DIS tokens.

• 25% of the total revenue earned from the Lending and borrowing fees goes into burning DIS tokens.

Cryptodiffer CommunityCryptodiffer Community

Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to your platform and keep them long term.

Madeleine NilssonMadeleine Nilsson

We have a compact marketing plan and have a very experienced team for this job; furthermore, they focus on the entire crypto market to showcase the Tosdis ecosystem. We have been laying out the plan for a successful launch, Public sale, and other PR marketing, including that we have many influencers’ support. We have Published many Press releases on top crypto media channels and many other financial channels, which you can stare at the Tosdis.Finance and the Marketing pattern will lead the side by side after the end of the sale. For the future, we have a plan to have a triumphant public sale and Product launch, and post that, we will be focusing on bringing clients to the Tosdis platform, where the projects will enjoy easy staking, yield farming, liquidity mining, and liquid staking.

Furthermore, We are organizing an ambassador program for various countries. We want to create an awareness of Tosdis services for multiple projects on how the users and other projects can benefit from the Tosdis ecosystem. We are working on the complete decentralized system as you see that all our products are decentralized. Hence, the growth of Tosdis ultimately depends on community awareness, and we are already working on it. Our Japanese community is already open alongside many other Crypto communities supporting Tosdis to their members and building awareness. And we are looking for resumes for other countries' ambassadors as well.
China, India, Korea, UAE, Russia,

Besides this, we will haunt different blockchain events to create more awareness for the mass.

Cryptodiffer CommunityCryptodiffer Community

- Tosdis will offer Liquid Staking and Staking as a Service, are they not the same services? What are the fundamental differences between these two services?

- At the time of the launch of TosDex, which chains will be possible to integrate into this Dex? Will it be only ETH's or also other blockchains

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

Your first question is what I am going to answer.

Your second question is copied from the previous AMA

- Tosdis will offer Liquid Staking and Staking as a Service, are they not the same services? What are the fundamental differences between these two services?

Here is a brief description of Liquid Staking

Ethereum is transitioning from Proof-of-work to proof-of-stake consensus. While in PoW, the miners had to use a costly set of hardware to mine and confirm the transactions. ETH 2.0 PoS brings forth a new model in which miners are actually node operators and validators that keep the Ethereum ecosystem running and earn rewards in return. This is a pretty big transition itself because the Ethereum ecosystem is already pretty big so that the transition will be complete in Phase 2.0. As you all know, withdrawals are not available on Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0. Therefore, there is a certain possibility that some users will not be able to afford self-staking because of the 32 ETH threshold. Hence, users would need to use some sort of exchange staking or pass on the staking altogether.

Liquid staking comes forth with a solution that solves these drawbacks and lets users get involved in staking with as little amount as possible. TosDis offers a balance of risk, reward, and сonvenience. It allows users to trade staked ether while keeping intact the decentralized nature of the Ethereum network.TosDis is made for both types of users. Small and large holders. Small wallets get the flexibility to stake any amount and be not bound to the 32 ETH threshold maintenance. Whereas, Larger holders will be able to hedge their funds against ether volatility and use staking without maintaining staking infrastructure.

If you normally stake ETH in phase 0 contracts, you will have to stake minimum of 32 ETH, and lock them in Ethereum network until the launch of phase 2. Tosdis aims to allow users to stake ether without losing access to their assets. Allowing users to trade, transfer or yield farm in the world of DeFi. Tosdis will offer a decentralized infrastructure for issuing a liquid token which maintains the value of your Ether and is safer than exchange staking. This provides users with an incredible flexibility compared to self-staking. The primary goals of TosDis are:

To allow users to participate in the ethereum phase 0 staking contract and earn staking rewards without fully locking their Eth.

To make it possible for users with lower balances to stake any amount and earn rewards on deposits different than 32 ether;

To reduce the associated risks of losing your staked ether due to technical failures or shady third-parties;

Unlocking the world of possibilities by providing a derivative token to be used or utilized in other applications and protocols (e.g., To transfer as a value, trade or used as a collateral in Lending protocols or other DeFi protocols).To offer an alternative to Self-staking semi-custodial and decentralized protocols or Exchange staking for that matter.

STaking-as-a-service is already explained a couple of times above.

Cryptodiffer CommunityCryptodiffer Community

45% of the fee from transactions in the platform is distributed among its users, how is this distribution structured? According to it which holders receive more or less revenues?

Which wallets are curently avaliable for us to stake $DIS and what are the parameters for it?

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

The fee is directly added to the DIS staking pool. This means that it will be equally distributed among the DIS holders based on their share of the pool.

Cryptodiffer CommunityCryptodiffer Community

How long will the distribution of 45% or less fees to Holder DIS be maintained by Tosdis? Will users be required to pay any additional fees other than the basic gas amount with the cancellation of Liquid Staking, Yield Farming and Staking?

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

This business/revenue model will stand until TosDis continues to work and do business.

Cryptodiffer CommunityCryptodiffer Community

what are the ways that Tosdis generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

Tosdis has a very unique yet straightforward business model. Every project that wants to enable Staking, Yield farming will have to pay a fee. If you look at Easystake: When some project deploys its contract for offering hard staking, liquidity farming, yield farming to its holders.

Project will have to pay a fee while deploying the contract. For example lets assume it is $1000.

45% of this fee is automatically used by the contract to market buy DIS tokens and burn them.
45% of this fees is distributed among the DIS holders by adding it to the DIS staking pool
Remaining 10% goes to the Tosdis foundation.

These metrics can however vary once the governance model is in place.

For the fees earned from the lending protocol: 25% is used to buyback and burn DIS tokens and remaining 75% goes to TosDis foundation.

Apart from this the revenue is also generate from Liquid staking. Tosdis will apply a 10% fee on staking rewards used to mint dETH and distributed between node operators, the TosDis ecosystem, and validators.Other revenue streams are related to TosDEX but we are still finalizing the model for them.

Cryptodiffer TeamCryptodiffer Team

Thanks for your time!
It was a very informative and insightful AMA!
Thank you to everyone who took part!

Mamoon YousafMamoon Yousaf

I would suggest the community to read our whitepaper carefully to understand how our whole platform is interconnected with DIS token utility integrated into each and every feature of TosDis ecosystem. There are multiple ways users can yield farm their investments and automatically support DIS token and TosDis ecosystem as a whole.

Thanks for having us here today. It was a pleasure answering your questions and spreading word about TosDis. We look forward to a continued collaboration in the future as well.

Please visit our website for more information: https://tosdis.finance
Whitepaper: https://tosdis.finance/DisPaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/Tosdis
Telegram ANN: https://t.me/TosdisAnn
Twitter follow: https://twitter.com/TosdisFinance
Medium: https://tosdis-fi.medium.com

Madeleine NilssonMadeleine Nilsson

Thank you for having us here today. It was really great answering all these wonderful questions.