According to the USD value locked in staking approaches 7 billion USD, while the Staking Market Cap (valuation of all projects that have staking mechanism) is currently at 11.2 billion USD.

We prepared the list of projects sorted by the USD value of the staked tokens. According to the list, the top 7 projects, which are EOS, Tezos, Cosmos, Algorand, Dash, Synthetix and NEM have at least 100M value of USD locked in Staking each. These projects in total have 4.5 Billion value of USD staked which is approximately 65% of all USD value locked in staking.

We calculated the ratio of staked coins to the circulating supply as well. The leaders are Cosmos (98.6%), Livepeer (95.6%), Synthetix (88.3%), Kava(86%) and Tezos (85.8%).

Note: for Kava and Iris Network we took the ratio of staked coins to the total supply since these projects allow to stake locked supply.