Ethereum DeFi ecosystem consists of almost 200 projects so far according to

We have prepared infographics showing the breakdown of categories:

DeFi Infrastructure & Dev Tooling – 37 projects
Assets Management Tools – 30 projects
Analytics – 26 projects
Decentralized exchanges on Ethereum – 22 projects
Decentralized Lending on Ethereum – 13 projects
Asset Tokenization – 12 projects
KYC & Identity – 11 projects
Payments – 11 projects
Marketplaces – 9 projects
Stablecoins – 9 projects
Margin Trading on Ethereum – 5 projects
Derivatives – 4 projects
Ethereum-based DAO Platforms – 3 projects
Decentralized Insurance Platforms – 3 projects
Prediction Markets – 3 projects

DeFi is definitely one of the most popular trends in crypto in 2019 but we believe that it is just a start and DeFi will boom in 2020. We anticipate hundreds of new protocols and services to appear in 2020, while the amount of ETH locked in DeFi will continue to raise. Ethereum has already established itself as the most prominent platform for decentralized finance, but we definitely see that platforms like EOS, Wanchain, etc are entering the race.