Cryptographic Proofs

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StarkWare will improve scalability and privacy in blockchains using STARK technology, providing cryptographic proofs that are zero-knowledge, succinct, transparent (no need for a trusted setup), and post-quantum secure.

Private-sale: ENDED 0 / 0 raised
Pre-sale: - ENDED $6,000,000/ $6,000,000 raised
Crowd-sale: TBA NOT STARTED $0/ $0 raised

Raised: $ 6,000,000 of $ 6,000,000 ( 100%)

token metrics
Ticker: Available for token sale: %
Token type: Private-sale/pre-sale token price: no info / USD
Accepts: Private-sale/pre-sale bonus: no info/ no info
Prototype: NO Pre-sale min/max personal cap:
Team: 11 persons Crowd-sale token price:
Team residence: Crowd-sale min/max personal cap:
Company residence: Cant participate:

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1. A highly scalable block chain that revolutionizes z-cash's zero-knowledge proof weakness

2. Invested by world-class investors ico. Even projects that invested from vitalik. (+ Bitmain, pantera capital etc)

3. Excellent development team. Successful testing cases exist.

A complementary point

1. There is a lot of competition in highly scalable block chains. (Red Ocean)

2. The token sale schedule and the hard cap have not been released yet.

3. Institutional investment has not been published yet.

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That's the one Vitalik advising. My understanding is they only raised equity and didn't have a token sale.

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