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LTO Network enables organizations and governments to collaborate on equal footing by using trustless business processes.Integrate existing apps and systems, increasing security and transparency while maintaining data privacy and GDPR compliance.

Luntik: High interest
ICO Dog: 90%
MoNoico: ALL IN
ICO Pantera: A
ICO Drops: Medium
Crypto Calibur: 84
dbcrypto: A
Midgard Research: 8 out of 10
Wolf Crypto: 79


Decentralized infrastructure of protocol-based economy.

Luntik: High interest
Shin Chan: 78%

Computer resources storage

RRChain is a vertical public chain that proposes revolutionary technology solutions for competitive governance.


ICO Pantera: A

Computing power

Hypernet is a protocol for high performance computing across a distributed network of devices.


Wolf Crypto: 85
Lendex: 83
OhHeyMatty: 80
Crypto Calibur: 77
Shin Chan: 76%
MMCrypto: 5/7 — //
Crypto Briefing: 74%
dbcrypto: B

Legally-enforceable smart contracts

Smart contracts for the real world. Mattereum is the first Internet of Agreements infrastructure project for legally-enforceable smart contracts, enabling the sale and lease of physical property and other transfers of rights in assets.


ICO Pantera: Rising star
ICO Drops: Watchlist
Midgard Research: On the Radar