Published 06 Mar by Cryptodiffer Team

OhHeyMatty on ColossusXT (colx) coin:

We’re going to take a hard pass on this unless (they) can provide some team stuff. (spent 4 minutes to find info on team and gave up on it).

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OhHeyMatty on EdenChain:

So both of their co-founders don’t seem to have any experience. I would need a little bit more from the team to make sure that these are the people we’re talking about (real). Otherwise it’s really just like a high-risk check-off for both of those guys. It’s also not relatable blockchain experience. I’ll leave it at that and I’ll come back to it, maybe, I’ll make a review once there’s some more information on it.

?RoadMap: Yellow flag: ICO on Eden Chain mentioned two times in RoadMap.

Advisers: All right, we’re gonna give them two bonus points here. One for this guy working at Ernst and Young, the other one?—?Nokia and Samsung.

That being said, I think the team is going to hinder the probability and chance of success for this to happen. I think anyone could really go out there and try and make a blockchain. 24 millions?—?it’s a very attractive number and it makes me less worried about the team, normally I would give a project an idea of huge, but I think the impact on space is going to revolve around above-average and I think the reason being is because the team is not as stellar as in some of these projects that we have looked at in the top 50.

I don’t see the technical experience within this team to be able to deliver. That’s my opinion.

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OhHeyMatty on IoTeX:

60,000 people in their telegram. All these members are fake in this group (official Telegram group) because I search for start date and no messages are found. I would guess that it’s probably less than 2000. I think eventually this number will grow to an organic amount because it seems that they have a solid team behind.

We can’t really complete the review. So we are going to say that we’re waiting on launch info.

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OhHeyMatty on DAV Network:

I don’t think that the team are strong enough to be able to ask for thirty-eight million dollars.

But on the other hand, the advisors are pretty stellar and they will get an advisor bonus.

I think they have a high ceiling if the project takes off and it seems like they already have a lot of development done. I’m gonna come in with an 88 here, but I think closer to an 86 would be fair, but yeah DAV is a good project.

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OhHeyMatty on Chainium:

I am going to pass on it. Doesn’t seem like their team is really spectacular.

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OhHeyMatty on Codex Protocol:

Too early to tell, will be exciting to see what they plan on doing, even if it’s an average idea, there’s still opportunity there, depending on the cap. Waiting for the launch info.

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OhHeyMatty on Ocean Protocol:

I’m gonna come back on it, I’ll put it out in my announcements channel, because something’s not jiving here.

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OhHeyMatty on Invacio:

I am passing on it.

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OhHeyMatty on Ternio:

49 million (hard cap)?—?that’s a lot of money, a lot of money in the advertising space, team is only 2 out of 4, I think I will pass. They’re gonna be coming in at 77 (on the spreadsheet).

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OhHeyMatty on Endor:

I think with the 20% of tokens sold, 45 million tag (hard cap) and not being 100% sure what the product is doing, from a token utility standpoint there are some things that I still want to go under a white paper review. I think you’re looking at an 86 right now, I think it could be potentially 90.

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OhHeyMatty on HybridBlock:

I’m personally going to invest in HybridBlock, I think it’s a good project.

OhHeyMatty on Cardstack:

I’m not investing in the Cardstack, just because right now I’m being very
conservative with my investments. Although Cardstack was getting 87 on my spreadsheet, I’m really only investing in the projects I am super excited about.

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