Steve Tolman

Country: United States


I am a seasoned software development executive with over 30 years experience in building, maintaining, and supporting both consumer and enterprise software products. I have experience in scalable systems, storage management (partitioning, provisioning, and imaging), networking (servers and clients), and mortgage qualification and amortization engines.Over fifteen years of agile development process experience.Software testing experience in networking, scalable systems, storage management, and data communications.Specialties: Software development experience including consistent on-time delivery, process definition and training, effort estimation, requirements and task management, work breakdown structures, product life cycle management, and risk mitigation.7+ years of highly successful offshore development experience dealing with multiple teams in India, China, and Russia. Responsibilities include account and relationship management, team staffing, process definition, process training, and engagement planning.


Evernym (Sovrin)

Evernym (Sovrin)

Director, Engineering