Michael Slinn

Country: San Francisco Bay Area


Author of Ethereum software libraries, speaker at blockchain and crypto events.Experienced software architect with strong background in scalable distributed systems. Customer-focused and market-driven.Author of online Scala and Play Framework training courses. Author of Cadenza, an on-line course authoring and delivery webapp written in Scala using Akka, Slick, Play Framework and Google Guice. Author of EmpathyWorks, an artificial personality plugin for AI systems written in Java. Published 3 books on JVM-based distributed systems. Led the Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts from Dec 2011 to March 2013, transforming it into the world's largest Scala user group at the time.Founded four startups, professional teaching experience. Task-oriented individual, enjoy an eclectic mix of business and technical issues. Good collaborator and respected leader. See resume for full details (https://www.micronauticsresearch.com/#people).Specialties: Ethereum, Scala, scalable and distributed data structures, technical marketing, videography. Litigation support as software expert, technical due diligence for investors, technical business strategy, product development.





Goal: 23,000,000