Kenta Iwasaki

Country: Hong Kong SAR China


Kenta Iwasaki is a software engineer, game programmer, robotics engineer, and serial technical entrepreneur with a heavy research background on distributed systems, cryptography, signal processing, mathematics, statistics and machine learning. His R&D works under Dranithix, and NAVER Corp has introduced substantial novel interdisciplinary solutions to a wide range of industrial and scientific domains. From disassembling/hacking games to implementing botnets/exploits to widely-used antiviruses/application VM’s starting at an age of 6, Kenta has won several (~20) internationally recognized hackathons at Stanford University, ETH Denver, EOS, IBM, University of Waterloo, HKUST, University of Pennsylvania, US Department of State, General Electric . He has an extensive record in independently architecting and implementing a wide plethora of technically challenging systems such as currency exchanges, distributed databases, sharded multiplayer game servers, hardware-accelerated graphic engines, cross-platform networking libraries, and distributed computing platforms.




CTO & Co-founder

Goal: 52,950,000