John Ng Pangilinan



John is the founder of Signum Capital, an investment vehicle specialized in ICOs and blockchain related investments. He holds advisor roles in Kyber. Network, Republic Protocol, Sentinel Protocol, and is a founding member of the Aelf Innovation Alliance. John’s first foray into business was at the age of 11, when he sold used text books and comic books outside of schools’ bus stops. That spirted him off to a journey of learning sales from an early age of 13 and he has never stopped working till this day. John started his education in Mechatronics and later switched to a degree in business, with his first job as a banker with Standard Chartered Bank. After leaving the bank, John started various companies at the age of 23. The most recent venture was the creation of Makan Bus, Singapore’s first hop on and off food tour. John’s passion in venturing into businesses is fueled by successfully growing a business and its staff.




Senior Advisor

Goal: USD18,800,000