Daniel Hardman

Country: Provo, Utah Area


I love inventing, and I'm passionate about using software to make the world a better place.I am happiest with challenging problems, where ambiguity and opportunity abound. I have broad experience and aptitude as a coder/designer—and I’m also a superb communicator, system thinker, and synthesizer. I like to learn from others, and I cheerfully admit I don’t know it all. I’ve leveraged this mix of skills, coupled with hard work and curiosity, to orchestrate killer solutions to mission-critical problems. With collaborators, I’ve repeatedly created “crown jewel” technologies and catalyzed change. I excel as a mentor and team builder. I work hard, execute correctly on priorities, and have significant experience managing both local and outsourced teams.Specialties: RESTful web services, databases, distributed architectures, python, java, C++ 11, message queues, web technologies (Ajax/ HTML/ XML/ PHP/ ASP), C#, n-tier system design and implementation, cross-platform internationalization and globalization, UI/usability/UX, pragmatic implementations of agile process, linux/windows/mac


Evernym (Sovrin)

Evernym (Sovrin)

Chief Architect