Barkha Jasani

Country: Singapore


I am a highly motivated/dedicated geek who loves technology,creative and self-aware leader who someone can rely on,understands the business and customers,loves to learn and grow,loves technical challenges,Fosters camaraderie among colleagues across entire organization with Positive attitude and joyful demeanor,is adept and problem solver at heart, can deal with stressful situations with level headness and grace, believes in quality solutions.9+years of experience as an effective full stack Platform Engineer working with individuals and teams with particular emphasis on Java programming practices, various web technologies andframeworks like Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, jQuery, Geth js management Api, web3JS,Python, SVG and usage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) like kinesis, Lambda, Cloudwatch, SES, RDS, DynamoDB, API gateway, S3, Ec2, EMR, Athena, Cloudfront, IAM for designing and developing solutions.


Quadrant Protocol

Quadrant Protocol

Director of Engineering

Goal: 20,000,000