Aryan Hung

Country: Taiwan


The CEO of ioeX with 15 years of work experience in the industry to see the rise and fall of the traditional cellphone market, the massive change brought forth by the advent of the mobile network era, and witness the revolutions led and caused by mobile payment. With the ever-increasing internet speed and new prospects for IoT applications, mobile network applications have become part of our daily lives, and the rise of blockchains has completely changed the landscape of the market, making concepts that used to be obscure be widely accepted. With long held belief in distributed networks back when leading Elastos teams in Shanghai, Chengdu and Taipei to work together on industrial internet operating system projects, hopefully, together with ioeX, a multi-functional and multi-applicational decentralized network can be built and will be ever more sound and robust for businesses, industries and crowd self-governance sectors.




CEO & Founder

Goal: USD68,000