Anurag Arjun

Country: Mumbai Area, India


Blockchain is going to change the world, whether you believe it or not. Ethereum and Bitcoin have cemented the emergence of this new world. However, these are still early days for the technology, and there is a ton of infrastructure to be built, before we realize it's potential.We are building a Layer 2 solution @ Matic Network on top of existing blockchain platforms, to solve the problems of scalability, starting with Ethereum. Initially, Matic will be targeting token transfers - but the intent and vision is to build scalability for general state. My personal background is in software product management. I have 11+ years of experience in building technology products, with deep experience in working with structured and unstructured financial data.We are also looking to build a product ecosystem around Matic Network, including platform partnerships, third-party developer networks and DApp implementation partners. Please contact me with any ideas for collaboration - we would love to discuss integration possibilities.


Matic Network

Matic Network

CPO & Co-Founder

Goal: 5,615,000