Andy Tobin

Country: London, United Kingdom


I am working to change the way the global identity ecosystem and the personal information economy operates. The triggers for that change, and the opportunities that are emerging, are creating rapid growth in "IDTech" innovation which will dwarf what's happening in Fintech. Finally, people, organisations and things will be able to trust each other without the need for any expensive, insecure, inefficient and intrusive centralised intermediaries. This new relationship, never before possible, means that you will no longer have to pay the "price" of constant profiling and advertising just to connect to your friends, colleagues and businesses you love. You'll be able to prove who (or what) you are to anyone or anything directly, and immediately. This will transform the online world. Once two parties can establish trust quickly and easily, huge frictions in the online economy evaporate. Say hello to digital passports, driving licenses, degree certificates, medical records, birth certificates, gym memberships, aid entitlement, immunisation certificates, for everyone everywhere. Say goodbye to filling in forms, typing in payment card details, inaccurate and unwanted advertising, getting phished, and multi-million customer database hacks.Specialities: digital identity, distributed ledger technology, blockchain, crypto tokens, Sovrin, mobile fintech, NFC, digital ID, retail payments, m-Commerce, infrastructure virtualisation, app development, real-time transaction processing.


Evernym (Sovrin)

Evernym (Sovrin)

Managing Director