P2P Network

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Project aiming to rebuild the Internet that will be truly open, decentralized, dynamic, safe, shared and owned by the community.

Private-sale: NO INFO
Pre-sale: NO INFO
Crowd-sale: 19 Apr - 19 Apr ENDED

Raised: 24,100 of 24,100ETH ( 100%)

token metrics
Ticker: NKN Available for token sale: 10
Token type: Private-sale/pre-sale token price: /
Accepts: Private-sale/pre-sale bonus: no info/ no info
Prototype: No Pre-sale min/max personal cap:
Team: 4 persons Crowd-sale token price:
Team residence: Crowd-sale min/max personal cap: 1 ETH / 10 ETH
Company residence: Cant participate:

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Also looking to target NKN either in gas war or on exchange they should really implement an individual cap before one whale scoops it all. Thought this was 2018? Not FA.

Was just updated by chat its not a gas war its on a website with 150 ETH cap. Cap should be much lower imo.

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Andrey: They will sell 10% of tokens to early birds and public for 24000 ETH. 25% will be sold to strategic partners and funds, with lock. This situation reminds me Ontology, I think there in going to be pump.

Alexey: Project is interesting, our Discord team wants to participate.

Sergei: I am planning to participate in NKN, because our team has made an in-depth research on the project and it is definitely TOP.

9-Apr. Alexey: We participated in NKN. Cap was not big. But soon there will be main sale. (whitelist is now open)


What are the candidates for very high interest:

Bruce: NKN

Andrey: NKN


Alexey: NKN, DFINITY, HashGraph, NuCypher

Ivan:NKN, Nucypher and Pchain. Link

30-May. Sergey: I don`t want to sell it. I think it can cost more in future.

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The NKN ICO delivers a proposition that legitimately warrants the word “revolutionary”. But as Lennon and McCartney once said, “You say you got a real solution / Well, you know / We’d all love to see the plan.”

For a project of such magnitude in the early stages of development, we are left with the team and product concept as our primary indicators on whether or not to place a bet.

To this accord, it would be difficult to find a team better suited for the task of building and launching a New Kind of Network.

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NKN is a very ambitious project with an all-star team and a truly legendary advisor. While there is not currently a great deal of information about NKN’s future development, the facts noted above show the connection of NKN with Onchain, NEO, and Trinity. NKN is an Onchain/NEO subsidiary, and it aims to be a part of the future Chinese blockchain ecosystem.

The main danger comes from a very long developmental-timeline (main net launch in Q3 2019) and no working prototype.

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partners & funds


DiddyCarter B-
ICO Drops High
TheGobOne 85%
OhHeyMatty 76
Crypto Briefing 76%
Midgard Research 7 out of 10
Coin Bloq Neutral
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