​​TOP 15 Blockchain platforms by Activity Valuation Index

Block'tivity proposes its own Activity Valuation Index of blockchain platforms.

"Activity Valuation Index takes the Bitcoin market cap and the number of transactions (Tx) per day and makes it an index set to "1". Then, it varies with the other blockchains data. The index grows when the blockchain is very active and its market cap is low. A blockchain with the same amount of Tx as Bitcoin but with only half of its market cap would have an AVI of 2. From the investor point of view, it would be twice as valuable as Bitcoin because it would have the same level of activity with only half the market cap"

As can be seen from the picture, the list is dominated by low cap projects most of which are not in the top 100 of CMC. The only exception is EOS which is ranked 9th, despite having a market cap of 2.7B USD.

Top 5 are Kin, Telos, Te-food, Golos and Instar.
Top Gainers are Nano (7168%), Peerplays (3900%) and IOST (594%).

We find this list quite interesting, since the real usage of the project's infrastructure is the best predictive indicator of its value.