​​StarPlay creates a community platform that allows K-POP fans and artists to interact with the content, vote, shopping and much more in a friendly way.

K-pop has now become a $500 billion market, and the number of K-pop fans across the world is a whopping 9.3 million. Moreover, the $10 billion K-pop commodity market is achieving continuous growth. In this market, Starpass, which is the predecessor of StarPlay, secured 1 million users and thus, established itself as a fandom platform for Korean stars.

StarPlay solves the following problems of the industry:
- the lack of communication channel between fans and stars
- the lack of a global chart platform
- the lack of expansion of global fandom

StarPlay is a platform through which fans can subscribe to exclusive contents of official channels and carry out official voting for stars as well as music programs in the K-pop ecosystem, which achieved huge growth into trillions dollar market, is easier for fans to vote for artists through official channels, and the brand value of stars can be evaluated through the official activities of fandom.

StarPlay will consist of Wallet, Official Chart Vote, Starplay Mall, Subscription Platform and Starplay Exchange. All of the mentioned above create a complex ecosystem for K-POP fans to interact with each other.

STPC is a utility token that will be used as a measure of payment via the platform and provide voting rights to users. Moreover, StarPlay will create a dividend mechanism for token holders. Users can receive dividends on KRW, based on daily dividend rate (marginal profit).

Starplay is planning to conduct a token sale soon. Follow the social media of the project not to miss the important updates.

Twitter: twitter.com/mystarplay
KAKAO: open.kakao.com/o/gPxqDrtb