Why LTO leasing is profitable and totally safe?

Why LTO leasing to the node is profitable and totally safe?

What is LTO Leasing and why it’s safe?

LTO Network blockchain runs on Leased Proof of Stake. LTO Network public nodes secure LTO transactions on the LTO Blockchain by creating blocks and storing transactions for the LTO network. As compensation, each LTO Network public node receive $LTO rewards.

Leasing with LTO Network is 100% SAFE as funds remain on your wallet. You only delegate the staking power to a public node. Funds remain on your wallet

Moreover, LTO-Lease.com uses Amazon servers, that is why leasing is SAFE, STABLE and SECURE!

Here is a Step by step Leasing Guidehttps://cryptodiffer.com/news/lto-network-lease

Everything is explained in four short videoshttps://lto-lease.com/guide-videos

What about Profits?

If we take a look at the LTO Network Leasing System from the profit perspective we have to consider two important points:

-Profit dynamics in terms of token leasing



So let’s take a look at factors that affects the amount of the reward. It’s important to notice that calculating mechanism for the ROI of leasing is quite difficult. (you can find a detailed explanation here – https://lto.network/documents/tech-stuff).

LTO ROI CALCULATOR – https://lto-lease.com/tools/roi

To simplify this process for leasers, LTO-Lease.com has created a tool, where everyone can calculate the estimated ROI depending on different factors changes:
– The number of tokens actively leased
– The number of transactions happening in the LTO Network
– The amount of tokens you would like to lease
– Bridge Troll Fee From Mainnet to ERC20 (now 11%, will go to 1% by 13th of September 2019)
– Bridge Troll Fee From ERC 20 to Mainnet (fixed, 40 LTO)
– Leasing Fee (now 1LTO)

Ok, let’s take a look at the given example to understand everything better ;D

Taking the data of Active leased LTO tokens and Total transactions in the previous 30 days, we put in the LTO Node 10040 LTO tokens and receive the following results

Monthly ROI – 0.31%
Yearly ROI – 3.7%

Taking into account the fact that LTO network is quite young, the results are not bad.

Ok… not bad… but we look for higher ROI!

If we take a look at the Last 60 Days Transaction chart, we can observe a significant increase (UP TO 4 TIMES) in the total number of transactions!

The following companies are already using LTO Network blockchain in their real businesses. And LTO Network is expanding the number of partners and integrators every day.

The LTO Network goal for the end of this year is 15,000,000 transactions per month! That sounds real.

By the end of the year, it will be 251,094,609 LTO Tokens in Circulating Supply (Both Mainnet and ERC20 tokens) according to Distribution & CMC (source). Taking into account the strategy of LTO Network, we can estimate that ~60-70% of tokens will be staked. It will be ~163,211,495 LTO staked/leased to LTO nodes.


Ok, we got 15,000,000 transactions and ~163,211,495 LTO tokens staked/leased. Let’s divide these numbers by 1.5, just because ;D.

So, we got 10,000,000 transactions and ~100,000,000 LTO Tokes staked/leased.

Now let’s take a look at the results we get:


If we take a look at the chart above we can see that LTO Network made a great job in terms of product building, its implementation, marketing etc. And the team has a clear vision of what they want to reach:

Moreover, LTO Network designed a solid tokenomics system that stimulates token price growth:
– Vesting/Lock-up terms for early investors (source);
– Bridge Troll to convert Mainnet Tokens into ERC20 (source);
– Have real use-cases of LTO Token implementation in real businesses (source).

So, we can assume that the LTO token price will grow, so the amount of tokens leased and the reward from leasing will also grow in terms of USD value!

Conclusion + Bonus

To sum up, LTO Network Leasing is a good way to get passive profit both in terms of receiving a reward from Nodes and LTO Token price changes in a long-term perspective.

Moreover, if you use LTO-Lease.com Node, there are several competitive advantages:
– One of the lowest fees, 3.5% fee only. Other nodes charge up to 5% fee.
– You will receive 0.5% from your referrals. ONLY LTO-Lease.com has a Referral Program.
– Daily payout when stake pool is >100 LTO

As a Bonus, LTO-Lease.com will share 20% from our prize earned in GameOfNodes with our leasers!
Up to 10,000 LTO will be shared!

Lease with LTO-Lease.com and enjoy passive income!


✅Get 0.5% of your referral lease rewards

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