PCHAIN (PI) has introduced exciting updates

PCHAIN mainnet was launched on March 30th, 2019 with a unique multi-chain hybrid framework enabling large-scale industrial applications of blockchain smart contracts in a hybrid and fully interoperable ecosystem with PCHAIN public permissionless main chain at its core.

In addition to its multi-chain hybrid framework, 6 patents including (but not limited to) a patented PDBFT consensus algorithm, unified knowledge graph, smart data Oracle mechanism, and cross-chain transactions. PCHAIN is also committed to support non-native token smart contract calls while solving the blockchain trilemma (scalability, security, decentralization) and never closed smart contract loops relying on external data.

PCHAIN takes advantage of both types of blockchain: public permissionless and private permissioned. By making public and private blockchains interoperable, organizations can isolate and control sensitive data on a private blockchain while still safely interacting with the world at large through an interoperable public blockchain.

This has been PCHAIN vision since inception and led to the signing of 4 permissioned Commercial Child Chains (CCCs): Qiang Sheng Smart-e (launched), KINGGRID (delivered), Weida Group (signed) and GAC-INTERBEING LAB (signed), one year only after launching its mainnet.

Highlights on the current state of the project:

▪️Mainnet launched and running stable for 1+ year
▪️Multi-chain hybrid (public permissionless and private permissioned) framework, EVM enabled and 1-2s block speed
▪️6 patents including but not limited to: PDBFT consensus, unified knowledge graph, smart data Oracle mechanism and cross-chain
▪️4 Permissionned Commercial Child Chains (CCC) Signed: 1 launched, 2 developed and one under development
▪️70+ node validators
▪️Token Swap ended
▪️88.5m non swapped Native PI burn (today April 23rd)
▪️zkSNARKs and Smart Data 3.0 under development

Upcoming Events to keep an eye on:

▪️Updated native PI supply metrics
▪️Partnership with a public node hosting specialist and joint campaign
▪️Buybacks on exchanges financed by the private CCC pipeline
▪️New CCC to be announced
▪️More PCHAIN tools, improved UX / UI

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