Midgard Research ICO Review: VANTA Network


VANTA Network aims to create a decentralized and secure blockchain layer for real-time networking and communication. Real-time networking technology covers a wide range of areas:

▪️ Messaging, file transfer, voice and video call development (all the features of modern messengers – Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Kakao etc);

▪️ Large-scale real-time video streaming (YouTube Live, Livestream, Periscope, Twitch etc);

▪️ Transmitting and processing various real-time data collected from IoT sensors.

VANTA Network will allow developers and external parties to deploy apps on VANTA’s blockchain infrastructure using API and SDK.


The VANTA Network is backed by Voiceloco, a South Korean company founded in 2013. Voiceloco is a provider of high-quality voice communication services and reliable call connection software. This software is used by some of South Korea’s largest companies, including Naver, SK Network and Lotte.

VANTA Network has already launched its MVPCiao. It’s a centralized application since VANTA’s mainnet is not released yet.

You can check the MPV on the website ?? https://ciao.voiceloco.com.

VANTA Network will use PoN-VPBFT, a consensus mechanism specialized for real-time networking.
PoN stands for Proof of Networking consensus mechanism that allows each node to contribute to real-time data transmission, processing, and storage in the network competitively. PoN was combined with Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) and Verifiable Random Functions (VRF) to design a unique consensus algorithm called PoN-VPBFT.


According to the roadmap, VANTA testnet is planned to be released in Q2 2019 and mainnet is scheduled for Q3 2019.

VANTA is planning to conduct an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) instead of the common Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The IEO date is currently TBA.


VANTA has a solid and experienced team both in development and management. The VANTA team comprises of engineers and executives from global corporations such as Oracle, HP, AWS, Samsung, Microsoft, and more.

Highlights on the key team members:  

Joonhyuk Seo – CEO and Founder
He has over 12 years of experience in IT & Telecommunication industry from ORACLE (JAPAC) and HP. He is also a founder and CEO of Voiceloco, the parent company of VANTA.

Adrian Park – Technical Lead
He is a founder of Gamedetect communications, a search engine designed for games in 1999. He worked as a data scientist for 2 years at SK Planet, Korea’s first multi-screen premium video service.

Jinyoung Martin Jung – Data Scientist
 He worked as  Technical Analyst and Senior Technical Consultant at Oracle for more than 6 years.
 He also has experience in product management working as a  Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon Web Services.

Inwhee Joe – Head of R&D
He has a vast experience in the research sphere. Inwhee Hoe has  Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech, USA.  He has been engaged in scientific activities for over 20 years.
Currently, he is working as a Professor at Dept. of Computer Science in Hanyang University, Seoul.

Yoonseok Choi – Advisor
He has great experience working as a VP at Microsoft Korea, Oracle Korea, Oracle Japan.

Henry Chung – Advisor
He is a Managing Director at Draper Athena Fund. He has vast experience in investing and management, Chairman at Venture Leaders Club, Advisor and Investor at Coinplug.

VANTA Network team consists of 26 members. You can check all the team members on VANTA website – https://vanta.network/TeamFull.


VANTA Network has several important strategic partnerships related to the enterprise communication sector like Sejong Telecom, Microsoft and Oracle.

As it was mentioned above, VANTA is backed by Voiceloco, South Korean communications company that is worked in the communication sector for more than 5 years.


In terms of competition, there are several already established projects: Mainframe, Status, Skrumble Network, Telegram ICO (TON).

▪️ Skrumble Network is the most direct competitor to VANTA Network. Skrumble Network will allow users to do completely anonymous and decentralized communication: text, audio and video. Also, it has API that allows building other technologies utilizing Skrumble Network’s communication layer. Differences that VANTA has comparing to Skrumble Network are following: large-scale real-time video streaming and partly orientation on IoT sector.

▪️ Mainframe aims to create the same features as Skrumble Network, except multiple wallets support and real-time voice/video communication.

▪️ Status is a mobile Ethereum OS. It allows to chat and make payments securely on the decentralized web.

▪️ Telegram ICO TON – the biggest one by fundraising goal (more than $1B). Telegram plans to create a complex blockchain layer on its already existing messenger. Telegram team justifies a great amount of funding as a need for tech equipment and servers.


Tokenomics is solid and reasonable.

Hardcap: $15M for 35% of tokens:

  • Private sale bonus of 15% is locked for two months.

50% of purchased tokens will have no lock-up, the remaining 50% of purchased tokens will be subject for a one-month lock-up.

10% of tokens that are allocated to the Team and Founders are locked for 2 years.

The 5% of Advisor and Early Supporter tokens are locked for 1 year.

VANTA token has a utility and stake usage. Developers must stake VNT tokens to run their services on VANTA. Depending on the developers and their policies, participants/users may be required to stake VNT tokens as well.

When staking and unstaking tokens to purchase a workload, VANTA generates a 2% fee, and the entire fee generated is immediately burned.

VERDICT: 8 out of 10

VANTA Network is a solid project backed by existing South Korean communications company, Voiceloco. The team is experienced and strong in development, management and communication spheres. Core team members worked for notable international companies like Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Samsung etc.

VANTA Network has partnerships with prominent global companies: Oracle and Microsoft, that will help in project implementation in the future.

VANTA has already launched its non-blockchain MVP that is publicly available. Blockchain testnet is scheduled for 2019 Q2, mainnet is scheduled for 2019 Q3.

Peer analysis shows that VANTA’s competitors do not perform well, probably because of the bear market. All competitors performed well in short-term, showing positive ROI. NOTE: the main advantage of IEO is an instant liquidity.

Tokenomics looks reasonable, hard cap $15M. There are lock-up terms for the team, advisors, early supporters. Staking model will prevent token from dumping and the price will grow as long as more companies and developers will join VANTA Network.

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