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DUSK: a better way for blockchain or just an enthusiastic utopia? 

Like many other blockchain projects, Dusk was created to show that there is a way to use Blockchain technology for use cases. But none has done it quite the same so far. We had a very interesting and fun AMA with creators of DUSK Network in our CryptoDiffer chat and want to share with you some information we found out during our preparation and interview in an easy-to-read manner. Strap in as we dive deeper into what exactly is Dusk Network.

Dusk is built by a team of entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers with technical experience at Amazon, TomTom, Mozilla, Reaktor, and blockchain backgrounds (Zcash, City of Zion, NEO Research and more). And with people like Emanuele Francioni it is easy to see how this Amsterdam based tech firm is making sure every stage is covered to create a masterpiece they envisioned.

What do they envision?

In their own words, The Dusk Network is a privacy-oriented blockchain protocol, that anyone can use to create zero-knowledge dApps. To secure this network they created a Segregated Byzantine Agreement (SBA) that includes a Proof of Blind Bid, making sure that block generators (nodes) can stake anonymously by implementing a private proof of stake.

“…rather than set up shop in questionable legislation, we operate in one of the most virtuous legislation to date, The Netherlands, which legislation is harmonized throughout the whole of EU.”Emanuele Francioni on advantages of DUSK, CryptoDiffer AMA

To make it accessible and still secure, Dusk is aiming to make it available for real-world applications. An important note here is that to deliver such a product it must adhere to strict compliance requirements of a working economic system while still offering data privacy. To ensure the adoption on the market Dusk Network focuses on the security token market, which is in need of a purpose-built blockchain.

Tech side of the question.

Since Dusk is making everything zero-knowledge-friendly there are some things to look at. A major stepping stone was a decision on is using Bulletproof technology well beyond confidential transactions. The Dusk team created a better ledger database by expanding its tasks to arbitrary circuits. What it means is that now Bulletproofs will generate set inclusion proofs, hash preimage proofs and Merkle Tree paths proofs, all without the need of a trusted setup. Dusk Network thus creates truly decentralized computations while preserving privacy by concealing the identities of its transactors.

While using elliptic curves in crypto protocols, Dusk decided to create a solution for the absence of the prime order groups. Ristretto is designed for non-prime-order curves, making Bulletproof-integrated ring signature substitute possible. They use Poseidon, world’s most efficient zero-knowledge friendly hashing algorithm. Dusk’s team has created ‘Zerocaf’ protocol which is available to read on GitHub in case you want to know more about how they made Dusk Network fast and zero-proof friendly on all levels.

TPS during the testing has exceeded 100 at times and is expected to increase due to constant improvements.

By being truly decentralized, Dusk Network features an inverse reward mechanism that introduces the first pool-resistant blockchain economy. It incentives minority stakeholders with the goal of preventing centralization of voter power. Such a thing is achieved with the help of ‘Guru’ – an advanced algorithm that automatically scores stakeholders in the network by analyzing their history and duration of voting.

So how can I use Dusk?

For some of its utility, Dusk Network is quite similar to Ethereum. It can be used as gas, transaction fees or contract deployment. Dusk can also be used to reward the nodes who secure the network. In Dusk’s case, these are block-generators and provisioners. Since SBA uses a staking mechanism, DUSK can be staked by nodes to become eligible to participate in the consensus algorithm as well.

Dusk Network is focussed on working with partners, such as legal and consultancy boutiques, as well as security token platforms. Those projects have access to a big pipeline of clients who have a need for STO. Dusk’s team wants to help businesses integrate the XSC standard as their preferred option – that way knowledge needs to be transferred once, and the usage of XSC can scale. It’s a win-win for both sides, making a switch to Dusk Network.

Furthermore, Dusk can be used as a means of payment both one- and two-ways (atomic swaps). Meaning that an asset issued on Dusk’s smart contracts in the future will be exchangeable for Dusk without needing a middleman.

A conclusion:

It’s been quite a ride looking into what DUSK Network set out to do and in which truly innovative ways they conquered those tasks. Right now Dusk Network has no competitors on the market, like other projects, racing to release zero-knowledge smart contracts cover only part of the field, that Dusk can rightfully call theirs. It’s a truly decentralized and easy to use a zero-knowledge network that proves to us – fast, easy and secure are not just marketing words. We are looking forward to what will this Netherland based team of workaholics bring next and hope this deep dive helped you to understand a bit more why we are fascinated by Dusk Network and were very happy to conduct an AMA with them.

You can read the recap of AMA in our chat here (July 24, 14:00 UTC) and if you have any questions left you can ask them in Dusk Network telegram chat.

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