CryptoDiffer recommends: Automatic BTC trading system that produces in excess of 20% profits per month

Hi everyone, this is Maks. Those of you who follow CryptoDiffer closely know that that our team members are more like investors and we do not trade on every day basis. Trading takes a lot of time and emotional sources, we do not have time for this. That is why we have been looking for a system that can operate our assets without any attention from our side and we finally FOUND ONE. I did two tests of the system:

TEST #1 (~14 days)
I deposited 0.02 BTC in the end of March to my Bybit account and in two weeks my account balance increased to 0.025 BTC. I did not trade I did not even login to my account for week at least. It was working while I was dealing with my daily routine and that is what adores me the most.
NOTE, not all trades are profitable but once losses are not big since the risk management system is fine tuned. See for yourself below.

TEST #2 (~50 DAYS)
After my first test, Signal Sync team has been fine tuning the system for the whole April. In the end of the April I deposited funds and started second trial with 0.6175 BTC on my balance (around 6k USD at that time).
At the moment of writing this (25th of June 2020) I have on my balance 0.8383 BTC (35% up from my initial deposit). Please note that there were also following transactions on my account during this time:
Deposits in total ~0.03542 BTC
Withdrawals in total ~0.1 BTC
So the real profit is approximately 46% from my initial deposit within approximately 50 days.
Below screenshots of my assets history are attached:

Page #1
Page #2

How does it works?

Signal Sync have developed a range of automated systems that trade on leverage trading platforms. The algorithm that powers the systems is the result of many years of detailed coding and testing, and can successfully predict the market movements of any asset, in particular BTC and Ethereum.

You can choose from 7 trading systems, each system has its own trading pattern. Detailed comparison of the trading systems can be found via this link: I use System E and like it a lot.

What are the conditions?

  1. The minimum starting balance per account is $1,000. The maximum balance that the system will trade with is 95% of the Account cap that you choose, either $3,000, $6,000, $9000 or $12,000.
  2. Do not manually trade on your account, or adjust any settings this will lead to your account being suspended.
  3. In the event a user cannot make their monthly payment within the 48 hour limit, they are required to notify Signal Sync via email on to ensure their subscription place is held.

    Payment Terms
    $1,000 – $3,000: Initial payment of $70 with a recurring payment of $70 per month
    $3,001 – $6,000: Initial payment of $140 with a recurring payment of $140 per month
    $6,001 – $9,000: Initial payment of $210 with a recurring payment of $210 per month
    $9,001 – $12,000: Initial payment of $280 with a recurring payment of $280 per month

The reoccurring monthly fee will only apply for months where user’s accounts are profitable.
For months where the account does not make a profit, the minimum fee is $25 for $3k and $6k accounts, $37.5 for $9k and $50 for $12k.
The ongoing fee will be invoiced monthly from your go live date.

NOTE: Signal Sync has no control of the Exchange or third parties such as Alertatron and accepts no liability for any losses.

How to join?
At this moment all spots on ByBit are already booked but in few weeks team will present a new exchange along with the significant improvement of the system. You can register your interest by submitting the form below, those who submit it will be contacted by me before the launch:

If you have any questions please write to @makscryptodiffer in telegram

Note: This is a fully managed service; you do not need to know how to trade and do not need to adjust or amend any settings.  Each Trade will be placed and closed automatically and the leverage and Trade amount is pre-set.  It is key to remember not to manually trade on this account and never attempt to adjust a live trade by moving the Stop Loss/Take profit or closing a trade early.

Here are some links to allow you to do some research in preparation for launch:

Systems Comparison:
Back Test Explanation Video: YouTube
Terms and Conditions:

Disclaimer: Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. This should be perceived as a friendly recommendation but not as an investment advice.

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