CryptoDiffer has joined Bytom’s node campaign!

Staking Guide - Step by step

If you don’t have an wallet yet, create a new one by following steps.

Push the “Byone for Chrome” button or download directly from the chrome web store – link 

Open Byone Extension, you can change the language as it shown on picture.

Create or import your wallet in Byone Extension.

You also can use Bycoin App, it’s availble on Appstore and Google Play

Once you have created your wallet, connect it to trought the Byone extention by pushing Byone button.

Find CryptoDiffer in Nodes table and push the Staking button.

After that, fill the amount you want to stake and press the confirm button. (Be careful: your BTM tokens will be locked for 21 days.)

Awesome! Your are Bytom staker now.