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CommerceBlock aims to deliver a solution that will enable trades all across the world in a safe, private, and effective manner on public blockchains.

CommerceBlock has not launched (nor does it intend to launch) its own blockchain.

The idea behind CommerceBlock is deceivingly simple. On the one hand, they build bespoke blockchain networks to clients that are hoping to take real-world assets into the blockchain – public, permissioned and customisable sidechains tailored to each client’s requirements.

That wouldn’t be new in and of itself. On the other hand, however, the real innovation is the integration of said sidechains with MainStay, a clever protocol that cryptographically pegs their clients’ chains to an established, robust, open network. Bitcoin is the obvious choice for the foreseeable future, but the system can be implemented over any blockchain, really.

By doing so, instead of the massive overhead and risk of building and managing their own chain, they are able to take advantage of bitcoin’s unmatched computational power and security. This system also avoids the pitfalls of both the “one chain to rule them all” approach (which is super hard to scale), and “blockchain intranets”, where each company creates their own closed system for fear of exposure to the public internet (we all know how that ended).

Even though they customize their networks according to clients’ needs, security and immutability are achieved by cryptographically committing the sidechain’s state periodically to the main chain. The networks are connected, but separate. This means that if any malicious actor ever plans on attacking or reversing transactions on a sidechain, they would have to back that by changing bitcoin’s history as well. Which by all measures is no mean feat.

CommerceBlock acts as a bridge between the private and public blockchain for enterprises, without sacrificing the security of the private network by running federated sidechains.


CommerceBlock connects business and commerce transactions between the public blockchain and enterprises. The CommerceBlock APIs and SDKs provide a wide array of functionality to users in the form of libraries and services. The libraries can interact directly with base layer public blockchains (e.g. BTC, LTC and ETH), as well as layered protocols such as the Lightning Network and sidechains.

“CommerceBlock’s institutional clients will be able to build “leaf” chains that are pegged directly to CommerceBlock’s root chain (Ocean). Similar to a tree, with Bitcoin being the “host” or the ground on which the tree stands (and guarantees its security), the CBT sidechain being the roots/trunk of the tree and the branches/leaves being the “leaf” chains pegged to the root. These pegs will require the client to stake CBTs on the root chain in order to utilize CommerceBlock’s tooling and infrastructure.” Source.

Token role and Business model

To use services in the CommerceBlock ecosystem, customers will have to pay in CBTs. For instance, companies that will download the CommerceBlock SDKs will be using CBTs immediately. CommerceBlock business model is transaction-base, CommerceBlock takes a small percentage of the transaction.


The team consists of BTC core developers and researchers with strong academic careers.

CEO, Nicholas Gregory has a background in technology and finance. He has held senior roles at Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan. He also has been involved in Bitcoin since 2012 and has been working in the crypto space since 2015.

Overall the core team has deep experience in the cryptocurrency space and also roots in traditional finance.

Moreover, CommerceBlock is backed by Global Advisor and CoinShares.

The chairman of Global Advisors, Daniel Masters, is also an advisor to CommerceBlock along and is an important figure in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Use cases

– Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain. Blockchain-based asset issuance and easy to build smart contracts can reinvent real estate investment to an international audience who can engage with and trade real estate in an innovative way.

– Derivatives Exchange. CommerceBlock can enable trust minimized hedging strategies on public blockchains with Bitcoin backed derivatives trading in the Lightning Network. Multisignature smart contracts are a well-known mechanism for managing the escrowed funds of counterparties engaged in a bet.

– Fund Management. CommerceBlock can be used to build a fund management protocol designed to facilitate the tracking and exchange of a fund’s issued shares.


CommerceBlock team is very active in terms of development but unfortunately, almost no resources are allocated to market the project (towards the crypto community, marketing is focused towards enterprises). Despite the lack of marketing, CommerceBlock has managed to build a very tight community of investors and supporters, you can join it by clicking the link. We definitely see that the team is moving forward and has a clear vision of the product and future ecosystem. Our team will follow the future developments of the project and believes that CommerceBlock will help multiple businesses to utilize blockchain technology in the future.

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