Battle Monster AMA Recap

Battle Monster AMA Recap

CryptoDiffer team

Hello, everyone!😁

We are glad to meet here 

Duff Theron (Articuno), Project Lead at Battle Monsters

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

Hi guys

CryptoDiffer team

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to our community ?

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

Hi guys. My name is Duff Theron. First of all Wish you a merry Christmas. It’s about 1 hour to the Christmas’s eve  here and I’m so excited to join the cozy AMA with CrpytoDiffer’s community at the moment 

As you can find out on the Battle Monster’s website and my Linkedin page, I graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherland. Specializing in Finance, I stepped in the crypto space in 2015 by playing a role of a Project Managing Director of Legend Trade. Basically at Legend Trade, we built a SaaS platform providing AI-based, customized trading solutions for Forex & crypto traders.

Along the way, I started to immerse myself in the crypto space by researching blockchain and investing in potential projects. Just a heads up, I was one the early investors of Ethereum and NEO. At Legend Trade, I also met Shun, who later on becomes our CTO at Battle Monster.

Talking about my journey with Battle Monster $BMON, I need to confirm that I was a Pokémon video game geek since I was a little boy and having the chance to work in the Pokémon-related has always became a huge dream to me. Back in the end of 2019, folks started to talk about DeFi, then NFT. So yeah, what I decided to do back in the time was to bootstrap my own money to combine my long-standing dream with one of the hottest trends in the space. And we got Battle Monster $BMON now.

CryptoDiffer team

Q2: Can you briefly tell us what is Battle Monster in 3-5 sentences?

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

So, the tagline we use is ‘The 1st Pokémon-model NFT & Farming game on Ethereum’, which means the role-playing game just like Pokémon video game that you can play on blockchain with yield farming as a feature.

In the easier way to understand, we are the combination of Axie Infinity, the most succesful NFT project so far, and yield farming, the most-used-by-user sector in the crypto space right now.

In other words, with Battle Monster, you play the game and yield-farm is the important fuel for in-game activities. For example, if you want to train your Pokémons, you need to lock your $BMON and yield-farm.

So, why did we do combine the 2 things in one?

First thing, combining the proven product feature (farming) and the proven product model (Axie Infinity) would easily bring us high traction from users when our platform is launched.

And second and the most importantly, if the game grows, $BMON yield farming would also grow, locking more $BMON, maintaining $BMON price and thus ensuring the profit for Battle Monster’s users. That’s a good gamification- finance token economics that we have thought about for a long time and now turn it into reality.

CryptoDiffer team

Q3: Let`s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

We started the project about 6 months ago. It was the process of R&D, forming the project idea, choosing the infrastructure and all that.

Now in December, we are ready to launch our game platform and the launching event will start with our Token Genesis Event, which include our presale and the IDO. During the event, Token Genesis Event’s participants will receive free Pokémons and they will become the first users of the game platform.

To be more exact, the presale will take place at 17:00 PM, Dec 25 and the IDO is expected to take place after a few days. Our token $BMON will be listed on DEXes right when IDO starts. (You can subscribe for the presale here (

Talking about the long term roadmap, we have many upcoming things that we want to share

First of all, right when the TGE ends, the platform will be launched along with first features of the game. They include Pokemon Training feature, Pokemon Market Place, along with Ability Farming, $BMON Staking, $BMON-ETH LP yield farming (which are yield farming initiatives that will support the game)

As for the infrastructure, since we are the 1st Pokemon-model NFT & Farming game on Polkadot, we will migrate ourselves to Polkadot network on Q1 2021.

For more detailed, you can take a look at our roadmap here

CryptoDiffer team

Awesome, a lot of updates to come out!

Thank you for great answers!

I think it is time to start community questions round!

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

First of all, I want to explain my criteria of choosing the winning questions. Since we are close to the TGE and the TGE will open us the whole Battle Monster journey, I would choose questions that ask for the explanation of the presale & IDO structure. I think these question would help the would-be Battle Monster TGE’s participants a lot

Cryptodiffer Community

-How does the Presale Token Slashing Mechanism works to protect investors and long time holders of $BMON token?

-You said the 18,000 maximum supply of $BMON  token will be reduced in the course of time. Do you plan to do a buy-back and lock up or burn? How often will buy-back be done and what factors will determine % of $BMON tokens to buy- back?

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

So, our Presale Token Slashing Mechanism (PTSM) is the mechanism applied for presale token to prevent the weakhands’ selling low. (You know that we all hate that).

Basically, PTSM means ‘the higher the price presale investors sell $BMON, the smaller their $BMON portions would be slashed (self-burnt) and vice versa’. So, PTSM will encourage $BMON strong holders and ensuring good price performance.

To give presale investors a privilege as their tokens obey PTSM, we open a farming program name IDO Community Farming, in which you can support us to add the first chunk of liquidity in the IDO and earn huge rewards. The program is applied only for presale investors

You can read the details here


As for your question regarding the max supply, we didn’t really mean that the supply will be reduced in the course of time. It’s just we’ve built a token economics that is so much pegged with the game platform; the more the game grows; the more $BMON would be locked and the less $BMON floating in the market.

As for the buy-back, surely we have this in mind since it’s an effective method to control the token situation that any project uses. But we can’t say for now how frequently we will do that since the activity is based on specific situations.

Cryptodiffer Community

What is the presale Hardcap and price of BMON ? How many pre-sale rounds are you planning to conduct and what is the intial listing price on Market ?

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

Hi. So for this question, you can take a look at We’ve explained crystal clear in this piece.


To give you a quick answer.

✅ TGE Round 1: Presale

– Preasle hardcap: 350 ETH

– Presale price: 1 ETH = 20 $BMON

– Time: 17:00 PM UTC+0 Dec 25

– Subscribe for the sale:

✅ TGE Round 2: IDO

– IDO price: 1 ETH = 10 $BMON (x2 Presale price)

– Half of the presale fund will be locked in 2 years as liquidity

✅ Initial Cap

🎇 When IDO opens: 

Cir Supply =0, Int Cap =0

🎇 When IDO ends

Max Cir Supply = 9,580, Int Cap = 958 ETH

Cryptodiffer Community

Q1. In other to keep current users glued to the platform, price of $BMON on exchange must be captivating and good enough. So, how do you aim to make it a win win situation for your Presale & IDO investors?

Q2. What mechanism have you put in place to further encourage $BMON strong-holders and punish weak-hands for selling?

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

Really thoughtful question actually

For Q1, I would say that it’s our Presale Token Slashing Mechanism (PTSM) and the IDO Community Farming

PTSM ensures that in the IDO period, all presale investors selling their $BMON will be slashing 95%. So, there will be no tokens dumped on IDO participants’ head in the IDO.

PTSM ensures that presale investors would hardly sell low, which exactly protect presale investors themselves. To give them a privilege, we open the IDO Community Farming which only presale investors are eligible to join. The program will help them to earn $BMON rewards when IDO takes place. 

For Q2, it’s the PTSM and also our token economics which pegs the yield farming and game activities tightly with each other.

You can read more on to understand how we protect out investors.

Cryptodiffer Community

In order to start playing games on the platform, what am I required to do? And how can I earn free $BMON

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

Yes, very easy.

You can join our presale and the extra benefit is that you will receive free Pokemons to start play Battle Monster. When IDO ends, we will launch the platform and you are welcomed as our first user.

To earn more $BMON, you join one the 3 yield farming initiatives that we will launch in our TGE

1. $BMON staking: Opens when presale opens

2. $BMON-ETH Uniswap LP farming: Open when IDO opens

3. IDO Community farming: only for presale investors, opens when presale opens and closes when IDO opens.

Cryptodiffer Community

Important questions! Will Battle Monster have a fiat gateway? How do you plan to minimize gas charges?

Battle Monster offers token holders Farming and Staking. What are the incentives for early investors and providers of liquidity? What are the benefits of long-term holding of BMON tokens?

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

Yes, as you look at our roadmap here (, we are planning to open a fiat gate way for the Pokemon NFT Marketplace in Q4 2021. 

To minimize gas charges, or you meant the scalability problem, we have had the solution for that right at the beginning of the project. We will launch the final version of Battle Monster on Polkadot, the network that is famous for its unprecedented ability of scaling. It’s expected to take place in Q1-Q2, 2021.

As I explained a lot in the AMA today, yield farming is the important fuel of our Battle Monster game platform. So, if you join yield farming programs from the early stage, you can have more room to be a strong player among all others. By defeating others, you can earn rewards in $BMON. That’s  one the reasons to be the early investors & yield farmers of $BMON.

From the financial perspective, if you hold $BMON from the early stages, when $BMON increases in price, you will get benefited. And since yield farming programs is pegged tightly with the in-game activities, the perspective that more $BMON is put into work, making the scarcity of the token in the market is very likely to happen.

Project Lead at Battle Monsters, Duff Theron

I think I get it done all!

And again wish you all a merry Christmas!

Cryptodiffer TEAM

Thank you for you answers, it was an insighfull session

Thank you everyone who participated, great questions as always!

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