Hedera Hashgraph

The Hedera Hashgraph platform provides a new form of distributed consensus; a way for people who don't know or trust each other to securely collaborate and transact online without the need for a trusted intermediary.

Crowd-sale starts
Fundraising progress:
0 USD of 18,000,000 USD

ICO Min/max personal cap: 0.00 / 0.00
ICO Token Price: 0.00 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO

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Experts Opinions

ICO Drops

5-Apr: Hedera Hashgraph may also be a greedy project. They may follow Dfinity in terms of cap.


What are the candidates for very high interest:

Bruce: NKN

Andrey: NKN


Alexey: NKN, DFINITY, HashGraph, NuCypher

Ivan:NKN, Nucypher and Pchain

24-Apr. Sergey: Strange Telegram-alike ICO system, I skip projects like this.


The project looks good, but it might end up in one of that: great project—bad investment. The metrics, I’ve heard that they are not the best.

Apr 6. I think the technology’s insane,the ICO or whatever it is – ridiculous, I wouldn’t put my money in that shit if my life depended on it to be honest.

ICO Pantera