Ankr Network

Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  Private pre-sale is active. Total hardcap for private pre-sale: $15,950,000

Crowd-sale starts
Fundraising progress:
0 USD of 16,000,000 USD

Team: 8 persons
ICO Min/max personal cap: 0.00 / 0.00
ICO Token Price: 0.00 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO
Available for Token Sale: 30%

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Experts Opinions


Team and advisors are really strong. With support from neo global capital the project can reach heights.

ICO Drops

30-May. Sergey: We have participated in the pre-sale, we were given small allocation. It is very hard to participate in it, as far as we know.

Andrey: Sonm and Dadi are competitors. Link

5/7 — //
ICO Pantera


1. A cloud computing service project that overcomes the problems of existing services. We use the pouw model to efficiently use wasted computing power. It uses Intel sgx and uses a multi-chain model of plasma to increase scalability and security.

2. The prototype is coming out in July.

3. It is backed by an enormous number of strong institutional investors. And a very high hype

A complementary point

1. There are already strong competitors in the market. Elements to overcome.

2. Their advantage is revealed in the development of Etherium.

Good / Neutral or Neutral / Good

Overall, we like the flipping potential of the ICO but are neutral about its long-term potential. Our thoughts on buying the tokens for flipping and investing for the long term are as follows:

For flipping

Good. The project has a high market awareness with a low hard cap (for a blockchain project). Most of the hard cap is contributed by funds and no syndicates are allowed. We believe there should be plenty of unmet demand following trading of the tokens.

For long-term holding

Neutral. Ankr is a very ambitious project that is trying to solve many problems at once. Given the early stage of the project in both the technical and business development side, we have a neutral view on the project’s long-term viability. However, if the team successfully pulls it off, the potential can be substantial.